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4 Reasons to Attend a Jumbo Shrimp Game

By Keith Manze


I attended Opening Day for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp this year and forgot just how fun a night at the ballpark is. From the crack of the bat to the smell of ballpark food, there is just a certain nostalgia about going to your local ballpark to catch a game. Why should you go to a game this year? I will tell you why!


In a world where the price of nearly everything is skyrocketing, the Jumbo Shrimp have managed to remain affordable. I paid $16 for a "Dugout Reserved" seat and could have paid $14 if I bought the tickets in advance! If you are really looking for a bang-for-your-buck you can buy $7 ($5 if you buy in advance) bleacher/outfield seats. Go lay in the left field grass, have a bite to eat - there are still $2.00 hot dogs! - and enjoy your lounge. This is the path I suggest for Thirsty Thursday enthusiasts, but I will touch on that subject later. There are plenty more menu items that are very affordable in relation to most venues.

Ketchup only, please.


Sometimes what happens in between innings is more entertaining than what is happening in the game. Fan interaction is necessary to keep people engaged but the Jumbo Shrimp kick it up a notch. Things I have seen in the past:

  • A burrito eating contest - two fans compete to see who can eat a burrito (a BIG burrito) the fastest. It always ends in an entertaining mess.

  • Races that take place on the warning track - typically always ends with someone taking someone else out.

  • 'Florida Man Night', where one obscure law was broken in every inning. Yes, you read that right! Also, each game they feature Courts and Sports & Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Weird Laws, where the jumbotron features a silly law once a game.

There are so many more, but you need to go to experience for yourself. (The video attached had something to do with leaf blowers and eggs. Don't ask me to remember what it was for)

Thirsty Thursday & other Weekly Specials

Okay, drinkers! This is for you. Every Thursday is Budweiser Thirsty Thursday, fans can purchase $2 (12-oz draft) and $3 (24-oz draft) Budweiser products on the left field berm, Oasis concession stand and the right field bleachers. Three different spots to load up on your alcohol needs, what could be better! Word of advice - make sure you get a wristband when you walk into the ballpark. That will ensure you get your drinks faster!

The specials that don't include drinking are great as well.

  • Two For Tuesday - Tickets are 2-for-1 for Community First Credit Union members. Just flash your Community First credit or debit card and you can take advantage of this deal!

  • Following the credit union theme, Good Is Everywhere Wednesday features BOGO tickets for Vystar members. Seriously, there is a lot of credit union vibes with the Shrimp.

  • Red Shirt Fridays and Friday Night Fireworks - wear a any red shirt to support the military (buy a Jumbo Shrimp one here!) and also get $1 off your ticket! Also, stay after the game for fireworks. Every single Friday I can hear them from my apartment and they rock. Also, the first five Saturdays (through July 9) will feature postgame fireworks.

  • Giveaway Saturdays - The first 2,000 fans through the gates each Saturday will receive a free giveaway item. These range from socks and shirts to Miami Nights Beach Towels and Ray Charles bobbleheads. Get there early these nights so that you can make sure you get one! I was at Opening Night 45 minutes before first pitch and only got a schedule magnet because someone left one on a table.

  • Sunday Family FUNdays - THIS is the day to bring the kiddos. Face painting, balloons, and they get to run the bases? Count 9-year-old me in! Sunday games typically start at 1:05pm or 3:05pm so no need to stress about getting the kids home in time for bed.

The Team is Good and So Are the Players

I do not go to as many games as I should. Instead, I watch highlights on Twitter. From those highlights I can tell you one thing - these guys can HIT! Shortstop Erik Gonzalez (.392 avg) and left fielder Charles Leblanc (.374 avg) have the top two batting averages in the International League. Catcher Lorenzo Quintana has seven homeruns already this season, the eighth most in the league.

People go to the games to see offense. It is a proven fact. The Shrimp have scored the second most runs and have the most hits in the league through thirty games! If that isn't enough for you, well, I don't know what to tell you.

Fine, I do know what to tell you! As we saw last month, Triple-A baseball brings in a lot of Major League players that are on rehab assignment. Ronald Acuna Jr., a star for the Atlanta Braves, started rehabbing with the Gwinnett Stripers during the series from April 19th through the 24th. Over 23,000 fans attended the games during this series, including a huge crowd for a Wednesday matinee game! Being able to see these stars in person is an awesome experience for us Jacksonville locals, especially since the closest professional team is either Tampa Bay or Atlanta. Hint: neither are close.

Skyler and I seem scared of Scampi.

There you have it. I hope this is enough data to convince you to go to at least one game! The Shrimp are the most exciting team in Jacksonville (hot take? Nah, win some games Jags and then we'll talk) and are the best with their fans. So, pack the kids, an appetite, and support your Shrimp as they look to make a splash in the standings this season!


Note: All statistics are accurate as of 05/09/22.

All photos are property of Dimes on Duval.

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