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Jaguars Best/Worst 4th-7th, UDFA

In just a few days, the Jacksonville Jaguars are poised to draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick. This will be the first time the franchise has selected at this position - and hopefully the last time. The team has had 26 drafts, and as the team embarks on the 27th opportunity to bring in a new class of Jaguars players, I’ve had some thoughts about the best and worst draft picks made by this franchise. No team is perfect with their draft picks, as it is a crapshoot, but it is something that can help shape the team for years to come.

I hope you have enjoyed these trips down memory lane, like I have. We conclude this series with a look back at the best and worst 4th-7th round picks. Due to the usual low expectations of these selections, I have narrowed it down to the top 5 of each success (or lack thereof). In addition to these 10 players, I also added a short list of top undrafted free agents. These free agents have an extra motivation to make a spot on an NFL roster, and boy did these players make impacts on the Jaguars. Without further ado..

Worst 4th-7th round Picks (Note: It is really hard to expect anything from these picks, so take that with a grain of salt)

5. Harry Deligianis (1998 NFL Draft, 4th round, pick 118)

Early on in their existence the Jaguars knew when to cut loose with players. Harry Deligianis never played a down for the Jaguars, but did play some professional football in the Arena Football league.

4. Andrew Carnahan (2007 NFL Draft, 7th round, pick 252)

Andrew Carnahan was a freshman All-American offensive tackle when he went to school at Arizona State but his skill dipped off after that year. He was cut during final cuts of preseason. He went to two other teams in the NFL, but never played a snap in the NFL.

3. Jeremy Harris (2013 NFL Draft, 7th round, pick 208)

The 2013 Draft continues to impress with how terrible it was. Jeremy Harris played cornerback and never played his rookie year, due to an injury. The following year, he only played 6 games and was released the next season. He played 1 game after playing for the Jaguars.

2. Tanner Lee (2018 NFL Draft, 6th round, pick 203)

The Jaguars decided to take Tanner Lee. In college, Lee threw a lot of interceptions. Maybe they wanted to find a guy exactly like Blake Bortles! Lee never took a snap in a regular season game for the Jaguars and was cut after 1 year with the team.

Wikipedia doesn't even tell me what he's doing now.

1. James Sample (2015 NFL Draft, 4th round, pick 104)

James Sample was drafted to be the team’s safety of the future. He proved to not be that guy. Sample was a Jaguar for two seasons before getting cut before his 3rd season. He only played 4 games. Sample will be known more for not giving up his number 23 to Jalen Ramsey after Ramsey got drafted. Sample reportedly had turned down over $20,000. He might have wanted to take Ramsey on that deal, looking back since Sample didn’t have a career in the NFL.

Best 4th-7th round picks

5. David Garrard (2002 NFL Draft, Round 4, Pick 108)

The 2nd best quarterback in franchise history definitely earns a spot on this list. David Garrard was a player who caught some unnecessary flack as the Jaguars quarterback at times. Overall, one cannot complain about him. Garrard did the best he could with the offensive weapons he had around him. He helped the Jaguars make two playoff appearances as the starting quarterback and will forever be known for his 4th and 2 run against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2007 Wild Card Round playoff matchup.

4. Aaron Colvin (2014 NFL Draft, Round 4, Pick 114)

Before getting drafted, Aaron Colvin tore his ACL in a Senior Bowl practice. He immediately went from the 4th overall rated cornerback on draft analysts’ boards to someone who would be a late round pick. The Jaguars took advantage of this drop and selected Colvin. Colvin didn’t have much impact his rookie year as he was coming back from the injury, but wound up being a great selection mainly due to his contributions on the 2017 team. He was part of the incredible secondary and was the perfect complement to Jalen Ramsey to AJ Bouye. Unfortunately, he was not re-signed after that season and he went to play elsewhere. But overall, a great return on Colvin.

3. Bobby McCray (2004 NFL Draft, Round 7, Pick 249)

The Jaguars got a steal with McCray in the 7th round of the draft. He gave the team some excellent pass rush during his four years as a Jaguar. In 2006 he had 10 sacks! He ended his career with 22 sacks in 29 starts, which is very impressive. He came up big for the Jaguars in big moments, and was a key factor in their victory over the Steelers in the 2007 playoffs. Easily the best 7th round selection and definitely worthy of a spot here.

I'm sorry but this pic is so badass.

2. Telvin Smith (2014 NFL Draft, Round 5, Pick 144)

The fact that Telvin Smith fell to the 5th round of a draft still blows my mind. Smith was an incredible talent at Florida State and helped the Seminoles win a national championship during the 2013 season. When it came to the draft, many thought Smith was undersized to play linebacker. Smith proved everyone wrong when the Jaguars selected him. Smith brought immediate impact to the team and developed into one of the best linebackers in the league. In 2017, Smith signed an extension to stay with the Jaguars. However, Smith announced on Instagram that he would not play football in 2019, and has not played since then. For the success that Smith brought to the team, he is a lock for this list.

1. Josh Scobee (2004 NFL Draft, Round 5 Pick 137)

The all-time scoring leader for the franchise has to be on this list. Josh Scobee was the kicker for the team for 11 years and provided Jaguars fans with many memories. Outscoring the Ravens single handedly on a Monday night football game, the 59 yard kick to beat the division rival Colts, the many clutch kicks. Scobee owns the scoring record and looks like he will own it for a while, as he is at 1,022 points scored. Josh Lambo, the team’s current kicker, is at 296 points. It’s safe to say Lambo isn’t getting near that record for a while. He is the top late round pick in franchise history.

Top Undrafted Free Agents

5. Montell Owens

One of the best special team aces in franchise history, Montell Owens was one of the most consistent players for the team. Owens was regarded as one of the best special teamers in the NFL during his time as a Jaguar. He played for the team for seven seasons and made the Pro Bowl twice (2010, 2011). That’s pretty good for an undrafted free agent.

4. Corey Grant

2017 was a great season and it was partly due to how successful Corey Grant was for the team. He played special teams and was a factor on offense. He had incredible speed and was a huge factor in some of the Jaguars wins that season. It still blows my mind how the Jaguars moved away from using Grant in the 2017 AFC Championship game against the Patriots, after how much success Grant had against them.

Can't believe he's not on a roster right now.

3. James Robinson

This may be a bit of recency bias, but James Robinson was a gem for the Jaguars during the 1 win season in 2020. Robinson had no help from the quarterback play and still eclipsed 1,000 yards rushing in 2020. He was one of the best running backs last year, even though the Jaguars ran the ball the least amount of times in the NFL. It was one of the worst offenses in the league, and yet still produced at a high level for the team. It is early on in his career, but he looks to be an incredible find for the team.

2. Keelan Cole

He never eclipsed 1,000 yards as a receiver, but honestly no one expected much from a player from Kentucky Wesleyan. Cole blew expectations out of the water. Cole produced some spectacular memories. Two memories come to mind for me. First, Cole had the one-handed catch in 2018 against the New England Patriots where it had fans BUZZING afterwards. Secondly, he had the 75 yard touchdown reception from Bortles in 2017 against the Seahawks where he ran into the tunnel. Upon that moment, fans went berserk because that was a monumental game for the franchise and the city. Cole is definitely a player that won't be forgotten.

1. Allen Hurns

Speaking of players that won’t be forgotten, Allen Hurns, without a doubt is my pick for the best undrafted free agent. Hurns was one half of the best receiving duo since Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith. He was someone that Blake Bortles relied on a lot. Hurns will never go forgotten by me and many Jaguars fans for two reasons: his toughness and awareness. Hurns almost got killed running routes because Bortles put him in some bad spots, but he always came down with the catch. His toughness was something to admire. But what I will always remember about Hurns is his awareness. He crawled off the field against the Chargers when the Jaguars were driving to win the game so that the team did not have to burn a timeout for his injury. That crawl is something that I will never forget about Hurns.

Is Mike’s list accurate? What would you change? Tweet at us (@dimesonduval) or find us on Facebook or Instagram and drop your thoughts!

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